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Fast, fun and insanely addictive. Once you press Start you can't stop playing!.Frantic action, easy playing, and FREE TO PLAY!.
Do you miss the straightforward fun from good old days?. Tired of complicated control schemes with lots of buttons?. Enjoy a classic arcade gameplay using the ultimate touch technology built in your iOS device.
Barman Hero is an Universal Application so you can have fun with your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad without having to download a new version. Cool, uh?.
Help our hero to serve customers entering the place. Fill the mugs and slide drinks over the bar but watch out, make sure there is someone to pick them up!. Collect all empty mugs before they fall down the end of the bar and get tips from your satisfied clients.
What are you waiting for?.
Get Barman Hero FREE2PLAY NOW!!
Do you prefer the feeling of a good old keyboard under your fingers to play video games instead?.
Then you need Barman Hero for MAC. Go get it!!
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