Just play!

How many times have you wanted to enjoy a game of darts but you did not had an electronic dartboard to calculate the score?
Easy Darts Scorer allows you to focus on the game without having to worry about the maths.

Most Popular Games

Four popular dart games included. Up to six players with name.

Game Variations

Every game has configurable rules and variations to allow you to play just the way you like.

Easy Scoring

Designed to operate with just one hand. Big buttons, shake to undo, etc.. Forget about small dartboards difficult to touch accurately.


Every game has its own way to play so Easy Darts Scorer has a different layout for each game to improve handling.

Don’t miss anything

Don’t let any distraction makes you lose points. With Easy Darts Scorer you just need to rotate your device to check the full scoreboard including all players at the same time in every game.

The scorer you need

Shake to undo last throw, fast or regular annotation mode, limit number of rounds... you set the rules!

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